16-20 Apr 2018 Aix-Marseille University, 100 rue longue des capucins, 13001 Marseille (France)

Main Objective

The main objective of this working session is to provide a discussion platform for current modelling and development activities across the participating Work Packages and Projects. The emphasis is on identifying open issues, urgent near- and midterm requirements and possible collaborations and proposals for supporting experiments within EUROfusion.


Plasma boundary properties, material erosion & migration, fuel retention and formation of mixed materials in a tokamak device are closely linked. The description of the underlying processes within a self-consistent model is the main subject of current code development and validation. Code validation and interpretation of experiments by modelling are part of the programme of EUROfusion Work Packages (WPs) JET1, MST1, PFC, CD, PMI, and ADC as well as different Enabling Research projects (ENR). This working session aims at exchanging information and knowledge between the participating WPs and ENR projects on scrape-off layer (SOL), edge and plasma-wall interaction (PWI) modelling and their interfaces as well as discussing current key issues for advancing the modelling work across the different WPs and ENR projects. Particular emphasis will be put on scenarios encountered in devices with an all-metal wall configuration. Future benchmarking experiments and code development e.g. regarding implementation of missing physics and extension of the computational domain will also be discussed.

The program can be found here.


The host, Aix-Marseille University, France, will provide the meeting at "Ilôt Bernard Du Bois", 100 rue des capucins 13001 Marseille, and will organize a pool of pre-booked rooms in the Golden Tulip Marseille Euromed hotel, located within a walking distance from the meeting room (less than 20 minutes). We encourage all the participants to join the common dinners which have traditionally been an integral part of the meeting.

Group Photo

It can be downloaded here.

Local informations

Registration to the meeting will take place on Monday April 16 evening from 6 pm to 8 pm in the Golden Tulip hotel. If you will be arriving late on Tuesday or even after, the badge can be obtained during the sessions.
Meeting room: it is right in front of the train station, outside the St Charles campus, in a brand new building of the Aix Marseille University and named "Ilot Du Bois" 100 rue longue des capucins, 13001 Marseille. A map can be found here. The meeting-room is at the third floor
Access to the building: in order to gain access to the meeting room, you will have to sign the list of participants every day at the entrance of the building.
Lunches and coffee breaks: The lunches (buffet on Wednesday and Thusrday) and coffee breaks are kindly provided by us and our sponsors (see below).The lunches on Tuesday and Friday will be at the own cost of the participants.

Dinners are available at the Golden Tulip hotel (~26-36 €/evening). The estimated cost fits into the Unit Cost scheme of EUROfusion in the form of Mission Support.

Conference Diner

The conference dinner will be organized at the Golden Tulip hotel on Thursday evening. In order to participate, you will have to pay for the meal (36€) at the registration desk of the Golden Tulip hotel on Monday or Tuesday 17 evening at the latest.
Tartare de Thon aux fines herbes, moules, écume idoée, salade de légumes du printemps
Tuna Tartar with herbs and mussels, sea-like sauce, spring vegetable
Rouelle de lotte cuite au beurre, dôme de crevettes et chorizo, risotto aux asperges, sauce aux palourdes
Monkfish cooked with butter, shrimps and chorizo, asaparagus risotto, shelfish sauce
Delices printaniers autour de la fraise, rhubarbe et pistache
Spring dessert with strawberry, rhubarb and pistachio.


Marseille is well connected to the major European cities via the international airport. Every 15 minutes shuttles (http://www.navettemarseilleaeroport.com/index.php) directly connect the airport to the Marseille Saint Charles train station, located in front of the University.




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Scientific Organization

Scientific organizers

Dmitriy Borodin d.borodin@fz-juelich.de

Antti Hakola antti.hakola@vtt.fi


Supported by

Marco Wischmeier marco.wischmeier@ipp.mpg.de

Sven Wiesen s.wiesen@fz-juelich.de

Andreas Kirschner a.kirschner@fz-juelich.de

Klaus Schmid klaus.Schmid@ipp.mpg.de

Yves Ferro yves.ferro@univ-amu.fr

Karl Krieger krieger@ipp.mpg.de

Gregory De Temmerman gregory.detemmerman@iter.org

Sebastijian Brezinsek s.brezinsek@fz-juelich.de


Local organizers

Yves Ferro yves.ferro@univ-amu.fr

Cédric Pardanaud cedric.pardanaud@univ-amu.fr

Zachary Piazza zachary.piazza@univ-amu.fr

Etienne Hodille etienne.hodille@univ-amu.fr

Ajmalghan Muthali almalghan.muthali@etu.univ-amu.fr




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